Эльф...один штук... с многоточием...

Собственно первая запись этого забавного проекта, естественно не без непосредственного участия вашего покорного слуги...

Goblin in Love

Verse 1:
It's been three nights
Since I brought you
To my lair

I was hypnotised
By your looks
And your long blonde hair

I might've captured you
But I'm captivated
By your eyes

I wish I had a way
To make you realise

That I love our conversations
And the pretty way you scream
"Please let me go!!!"
I wish I had the translation
So you could know just what I mean...

When I say,

I'm just a goblin in love

Look into my eyes,
They're red
Like my aching heart

Oh baby, you know that

I'm just a goblin in love
With you

I might've killed your prince
And taken all your gold
It doesn't mean inside
That my heart is cold

I'm just a goblin in love

Oooh, yeah, with you

Verse 2:
I wanna show you
I can be a sensitive dude

So I made this necklace
Of noses just for you

By the way,
How do you like
Your toenail broth

It's got extra toenail

Maybe it'll change your mind
About running off

Into a deadly swamp

And I'd loosen up your shackles
But I'm sure that you'd run away
You know you're
Giving me more hassle
Than the twelve dudes
That I flayed...

For those noses,

Chorus (same as before)

I got you a wedding ring
Made of bones
From your ex's toe

And whattaya know
It fits, and hey,
It really goes with
That necklace of noses

When you fell into
My pit trap
One look at you
And I fell in love

I think we're gunna need
A key change
To express
All this mutual love...

Chorus (same as before)

Oooh, there's no escape!

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